Pithz is a consulting firm that specializes in aiding private companies to list their securities and trade on public exchanges such as the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC. 


Pithz establishes direct connections between our clients and recognized industry leaders for initial public offerings, direct public offers, and alternative public offerings.


Pithz offers our clients knowledge in the business of going public as well as results that are unmatched in the fields. Pithz is committed to meeting the clients' requirements in the public markets and accomplishing their objectives. Pithz is equipped with the necessary experience, knowledge, employees, and resources to provide solutions for going public that are successful, practical, and cost-effective.


In today's rapidly changing economy, the traditional corporate structure is increasingly challenged. Establishing a business vision and expansion strategy is critical, especially for small businesses.


Pithz helps small businesses grow by analyzing current issues and developing strategies to expand into new areas via our services:


We put our clients first and do everything we can to understand your needs and help you overcome your obstacles. Your ambitions deserve unique services. We offer customized support and advice that can address your business needs.

Tel: 1 - 778 - 308 - 8819 

Email: info@pithz.com